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Domain Hosting & Web Design

Domain Hosting and Web Design The IT Dept. offers an unrivalled level of Domain Hosting services, with full support as standard. This can even include setting up your email accounts on your computer.

Our Domain Hosting services offer flexible amounts of web space and email addresses, with Spam Filters.

You can have us design and build your website, or use us just for Hosting an existing web site.

Read more information below or call us to learn how we can help. 01257 42 92 16

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Domain Hosting

If you have a Web Site or your own email address then you need Domain Hosting. The IT Dept offers great Domain Hosting packages, with an unrivalled level of service and support which can include a daily backup of your website, as well as Spam Filtering of emails.

Having your own domain name offers you web space and email addresses, both based on that domain name. This allows you to have a web address of and you can set up email addresses such as

This looks much more professional than using free email addresses such as Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo or those offered by your internet provider.

We can purchase your chosen domain name for you, or we can transfer an existing name to our system. After that, leave everything to us, and we shall manage the whole process for you.

Our Domain Hosting is stress-free as our charges include full support. We don't just tell you to look at an article on the internet to learn how to fix your problem, which isn't usually your problem anyway. We take away all of thathassle and we fix the problem, whether on your computer or our Servers.

Please Click Here to download the Terms & Conditions of our Domain Hosting packages.

Spam Filtering

Clients of our Domain Hosting services may wish to use our Spam Filtering feature.

This comes in 2 flavours:
1. Basic Spam Filtering is free and will be set up on any domain on request
2. Advanced Spam Filtering costs 49.99 per year per domain

Any emails suspected of being spam can be:
  • automatically deleted, or
  • can be sent to a Spam Folder within WebMail (Advanced Option), or
  • can be delivered to a specified email address (Advanced Option).
The differences are:
1. Basic Spam Filtering:
  • Free of charge
  • Set up on request
  • Covers a whole domain
  • The system sends you a weekly digest of emails treated as Spam
  • Suspected Spam is automatically deleted

2. Advanced Spam Filtering:
  • Costs 49.99 per year per domain
  • Set up on request
  • Can cover a whole domain or just specific email addresses
  • The system sends you a weekly digest of emails treated as spam
  • Suspected Spam can be automatically deleted, placed in a Spam Folder within WebMail or sent to a specified email address
  • You can choose to White List or Black List specific email addresses or domains.
    • A White List will allow all emails from the specified email addresses or domains, even where such email addresses or domains have been spoofed.
    • A Black List will reject all emails from the specified email addresses or domains, without further warning to you.

The System can be set as "Low", "Medium" or "High".
  • Low - Some junk emails will get through, but virtually no email will be incorrectly filtered out.
  • Medium - A small number of junk emails will get through, a small amount of email (particularly newsletters and marketing messages) may get incorrectly filtered.
  • High - Virtually no junk emails will get through, but some email may get incorrectly filtered. This is appropriate for a domain that currently gets lots of junk email, but please try the "medium" setting first.
Call us for more details on 01257 42 92 16.

Website Backups

Many clients understand the importance of backing up the data on their computers. This is a vital part of good computer practice, as explained in our page about Secure Online Backup.

But, did you realise that you may need to keep your website backed up?

Websites can be vulnerable to hackers, who may take down the site and destroy the contents. Or you may change it yourself, and then wish you could revert those changes quickly and easily.

If the website never changes then it is quite likely that your web designer has kept a copy of the original site, which can be your backup copy. You may wish to check with the web designer that this is indeed the case, of course.

However, if you have a CMS (Content Management System) website, which you can change yourself, or if it has been created using "Joomla" or "WordPress", then the changes happen more dynamically and no backup copy exists. You will find it difficult to recover an earlier version of the site in the event of an error or disaster.

Fortunately, our Domain Hosting clients can take advantage of our Website and Database Backup Solution. This costs a small amount extra each year, but offers great peace of mind.

Daily backups are taken of your website and any associated databases and kept for 30 days. This allows an easy route back to recover from a hacked website or a simple error on your part.

Call us for more details on 01257 42 92 16.

Web Site Design

Our web designers will talk to you to learn all about your business, before setting to work designing the Web Site that you deserve.

Your Web Site is a critical business marketing tool and we shall ensure that it shows your business in the best possible light.

Whatever type of Web Site you require, from a simple Brochure Site to a full-blown e-Commerce site, our skilled developers are able to take your requirements and quickly turn them into a high-class, finished product.

We offer a full Web Design service, including:
  • Totally Bespoke Web Sites
  • e-Commerce Web Sites
  • Content Management Systems
  • Copy Writing Services
  • Search Engine Optimisation
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